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If you travel a lot, you may wonder how to care for your toothbrush when you are away from home. We have compiled some tips that may help you keep your toothbrush and its container clean while you are out and about.

One thing that can help is having a travel container, either a holder or cap, that offers ventilation for the brush. Ventilation is useful because it can keep the brush dry, which can prevent bacteria from growing too much.

You might want to allow the brush to dry before you put it back in the travel container. You can use something like a tissue to set the brush on while it dries. During this time, you can also rinse out the container so the brush has a clean place to rest.

After your trip and when you arrive home, it might to take the toothbrush out of the travel container. Leaving it in there could lead to a buildup of bacteria.

Note, however, that even with with all these practices, bacteria can slowly but steadily increase on the brush and in the container. To prevent any problems, it might help you to replace both things after three months.

If you hold to these tips, you can keep your mouth in good health while you are away from home. For more hints and helps with keeping your teeth clean, please visit us at Southshore Dental Group - Oak Creek in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Dr. Mark Warner is happy to help you. You need only call (414) 571-6387 to schedule a visit with us.