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Dental bonding is a good means of making fairly minor fixes for your teeth, whether your teeth are discolored, have gaps that are too large or have been chipped. Of course, your dental bonding may require your attention so it can remain safe and nice-looking. Here are some things you can do to keep the bonding in excellent condition.

Be aware that dental bonding is more fragile than your natural teeth, so you may need to be careful of what you bite into. Biting into hard candy and chewing ice can be hard on your natural teeth, so they can be really rough on your bonding. It may also help not to open things like food packaging with your teeth or chew on objects such as a pencil, as neither can be good for your bonding or your teeth.

Drinks like coffee, tea and red wine can stain the bonding. For the first couple of days, the risk of staining will be worse, so try not to indulge in these habits for that time. After that, you may start drinking them again, but it can help not to overdo it. You can reduce the risk of staining and wipe out stains before they develop on the bonding by brushing and flossing daily. Dr. Mark Warner, can also help you by performing a dental cleaning every six months.

If anything does happen to the bonding, don’t worry. You can get the bonding replaced here at Southshore Dental Group - Oak Creek in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We are always happy to be of service to you. Call us at (414) 571-6387 to let us know if you need our services.